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Hi my name is Jessica Newton and I am the creator of Dust & Dandelions.

It’s my desire to create interesting and engaging pieces that connect with people.

Whether it’s one of my illustrations hanging on their wall or a card with a message in it from someone who cares.

One of my favourite subject matters is animals because people connect with them and individual meanings to different people. In my more detailed work I like creating a story or using subtle metaphors which leave a lasting impression.


I got my Diploma in Communication Arts and Design, at the Design & Arts College in 2011, in Christchurch. After I graduated I returned to my home town Dunedin, to do various freelancing work, then in late 2012 I decided to start Dust & Dandelions. My work is highly influenced by where I live and many of the flowers I have drawn are based on photographs from my garden.

I am available for freelance illustration projects and also graphic design check out my portfolio.