The Fortunate Unfortunate Print - 2011


When I first moved to Christchurch in 2010 I went around taking lots of photographs of the interesting architecture in the city, as a way to get to know the place. I have always found heritage architecture fascinating, with long-lost techniques that couldn’t be recreated today. And I always liked the idea that someone designed these buildings and it was their legacy, something permanent and beautiful. To have these buildings, that have been around for so long, be destroyed in a matter of seconds greatly saddened me and put a lot of things into perspective.

Here is a close up of the mash-up illustration I did of various Christchurch buildings most of them were destroyed by the earthquake. Scroll down to see the original photos they came from.


Ideas behind work:

  • This design is a homage to the loss of beauty and heritage in Christchurch.
  • The illustration combines a planet, a symbol of fate; the statue of a young woman, an allegory of lost beauty; and an upside down drawing of Christchurch, which reflects the disturbance in people’s lives.
  • The words “fortunate unfortunate” is about how no matter what happened to you during the earthquake at least you are here to tell your story opposed to the people who were unfortunately taken that day.