Holiday Guide

The Holiday Guide is a feature published every summer in the Otago Daily Times highlighting activities and businesses in the region. The target audience is family and holidaymakers.

The  Otago Daily Times wanted an update to its current template to be used by the newspaper formatters. The design needed to account for advertising. I created a new style guide with a modern layout and used a mixture of editorial and infographic feature points.

For the cover, I chose subtle blue and yellow tones which are the regional colours. In the logotype I used negative space to lead the eye through to the image. Circles are used on the cover and are repeated throughout the publication. I created banners using the Otago Daily Times archive and sourced images of the areas which related to each page. For the calendar, I sourced information on local events and used images from the ODT archive.

Pro2 Annual Catalogue

The Pro2 catalogue is an annual publication with 80+pages. Pro2 is an inhouse brand at Radio Parts. The brand covers various electronics including communication, HDMI distribution, and more.

The target audience of this publication is general retail customers with electronic needs to professional installers. This required me to make the products easy to find and make the individual functions clear and distinguishable.

The catalogue is divided into sections using branding colours to make navigation as easy as possible. This publication required original technical diagrams and copy to be created.

Design Withdrawals

Design Withdrawals is boutique design store with two locations one in Dunedin and one in Palmerston. From 2012-2019 I did freelance work for them including:

  • social media management

  • advertisements

  • edms

  • marketing

  • product photography and editing

  • signage

  • product design

  • Facebook - Illustrator freelancer
  • Instagram - Illustrator NZ
  • YouTube - Illustrator ink

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