I'm now offering Pet Portraits in 4 different styles. I have chosen these styles to really make these personal to you and your pet. I feel illustrations should enhance the every day and show the emotion behind every piece. 

I'm a crazy dog lady so you're in good hands :)

Simple - Pet Portrait

Simple - Pet Portrait



Symbol - Pet Portrait

Symbol - Pet Portrait



Botanical - Pet Portrait

Botanical - Pet Portrait



Detailed - Pet Portrait

Detailed - Pet Portrait




How long will my pet portrait take?

Between 2 to 4 weeks

Can I get my portrait by a specific date?

Potentially but please contact me before ordering your portrait

Can I pick specific colours?

Yes you can have any colour your heart desires 


Is my photograph good enough to use for my pet portrait?

I have made a handy photo guide just click here for more info. ​

Can I post my pet portrait on social media?

Yes but you must add a link and/or credit me in the post, and you can't sell the image to a third party


Can I make changes to my pet portrait?

Yes in the planning stages and you will get a final check before postage

Can I get a different option for my portrait that's not on the website?

Yes, I can make completely custom pieces just contact me and we can discuss your options. E.g. more than 2 pets, a different size or a different background


Want a completely custom piece or do you want a different subject matter?

For example a House portrait or a painting of your favourite animal. 


Use the form below and I'll get back to you with a quote.

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